Hong kong design institute, 2006 
International Competition@Furuya Nobuaki LAB. 
Main use: University Building scope : 7F + 
At HKDI, the way to make communication space for students (and other people) should be well considered. We thought of a public forum where every student from different fields, teachers, and other public users of the institution can stimulate each other. And instead of controlling the environment artificially, we suggest not only natural ventilation and lighting for the interior but also more comfortable exterior. This project has two public connections on the upper level and the lower level, just like lifting the public floor for the students, which is similar to the podium often seen in Hong Kong. This construction works out by lifting the form called PODIUM peculiar in Hong Kong. A comfortable outdoor forum is placed on the lower level, and the communication space connecting each form on the upper level. As a result, communication spaces have two kinds of different characters. And people can gather in public forums and Podium, design review and various events would be held.
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