Vertical zoo International competition,
Buenos Aires, Argentina,2009
The place makes humans and animals equal. At first, the birds can and like to fly in a vertical direction. So we suggest birdcage as a main spatial structure from ground to observatory for connecting and integrating all of the elements in the vertical zoo of 100meter. Then they can be a good messenger between humans and nature. Secondly, when all kinds of living bodies get together to alive in the same place, they need proper distance from other living bodies for co-existence. Using 3-dimensional VORONOI systems, we planned a reasonable distance between all kinds of living bodies in 3-dimensional spaces. Basically, architecture made for humans has been had horizontal axis but the environment made for nature has a lot of axes. As this diagonal structure of space calculated by 3D VORONOI is not horizontal and vertical axis either, this space is made for not only humans but also animals. That is why this space can make humans and animals equal. Thus, we propose to make natural topology as multiple layers. In this new topology, humans and animals can have their own life and coexist with each other in this vertical zoo.
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